Thursday, September 21, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The message of Bush to Iranian people

In my point of view the last message of Bush to Iranian people was positive and not black and white as it used to be, to describe Iran as axis of evil and may be it would be helpful to find a diplomatic solution for this nuclear crises.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the Iranian people, particularly the families of the many Iranians who are in prison today for daring to express their hopes and dreams for a better future. We continue to stand with the people of Iran in your quest for freedom, prosperity, honest and effective government, judicial due process and the rule of law. And we continue to call on the government of Iran to respect the will of its people and be accountable to them.

As I have said before, if Iran respects its international obligations and embraces freedom and tolerance, it will have no better friend than the United States of America.

Best wishes for a bright future, filled with knowledge and information and freedom."

Thursday, September 14, 2006


That was the title of the film that our anti-war team organized to show in Middlesex University.
"Sir! No Sir!" came out last year and, for the first time ever, tells the amazing story of the rebellion of thousands of US soldiers against the war in Vietnam, a movement that became so powerful that it was a major factor in bringing the war to an end.
I found the film good the aspect that the best solution of preventing a war could be when the soldiers refuse to take part in it.
The people who came to see the film looked amazing with different background and ages, especially an old lady over 80 years old with lots of memories about second World war and was fed up with all times dirty politicians!
23 of September is the big anti-war demonstration in Manchester we will go with a coach I haven't finished my poster yet!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Begin of September and August stories

I had a stressful time the last three weeks, some thing with Hospital and doctors, which is not my favourite thing so I don?t like to talk with anybody or even write about it either.

But because of this stressful time we decided to spoil us a bit and planned a weekend in Bath the only city in England with hot Spa, well it was nice however not so nice like the ones in Austria or in Germany but the best thing about it, is despite in Austria and Germany wearing swimming wear is an obligation!
We spend the night in a Luxury Bed and breakfast in a Farm with nice country decoration on our way we visited the Durham park with a wonderful magic garden with a pool and some huge gold fish in it, I discovered a blackberry tree ( shahtoot)
And after years I ate lots and lots of juicy sweet berries.
Outside the building and garden was a protected forest with many beautiful small deer.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yo Blair! cease fire now!

On Saturday we marched from Piccadilly to the Houses of Parlimant with approximately at least 50000 people from different cultures, races and religions shouting " CEASE FIRE NOW" demonstrating against war in Lebenon and expressing their solidarity with a nation under attack with bombs and rockets.
It was disturbing for me to see a few Hezbollah flags among the demonstrantes, because in my point of view every extremist and conservative ideology should be rejected and only tolerance can lead to a peaceful world! But fortunately some of the speakers made good points including the right of existence of Israel.

For a symbolic act the "Stop the War" organisation asked demonstrants to put children shoes at the Cenotaph to protest against the killing of children .

On sunday we woke up early moring. At about 6am a taxi took us to Victoria station and there we took a coach to Liverpool. At 1pm we were at Liverpool. After having lunch and some sightseeing including the tower of Liverpool and visting the local radio station we picked up our new car, a Ford Focus Ghia which is compared to the Renault which we owned more comfortable and looks also nicer, then we went with the new car to the beach and at about 11 pm we were at home in London.

Three Little Princesses in exile

These three little lovely girls: Noor, Iman and Farah are not just ordinary kids, but they are the princesses of Persia who are born in exile , I hope they could once see their mother country.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tears 2

It is a heart breaking photo a Israelis little girl who writes memorial on a bomb for Lebanese children

And the bomb arrived and brought the hate and death message to a Lebanese 3 years old little girl
Its is so sad looking at the faces of these children who are anxious but also angry at the burial ceremony of this little girl

For how long and how many generation this war will continue? no land is worth of a drop of blood that is certainly not a holy country with too many innocent blood poured on it no difference if they were Moslems , Jews or Christ.
And my respect towards all people with awake consciences, especially to all antiwar demonstrantes in Tel Aviv!

And my thanks to my dear Walter who wrote the following letter to our MP:

Dear Mr Burrowes,

60 civilians have again been killed by the IDF yesterday, in a single house, and more than half of them were children.

I ask you therefore to support an immediate, unconditional and lasting ceasefire. Non of the parties will achieve their objectives with rockets or bombs. The complicated problems of this area are better addressed with negotiations than with weapons. Not that negotiations will bring any real solution in the near future - there is just too much hate on each side. But maybe we can give future generations the chance to deal with this issue if the children do not have to witness the ongoing killing of civilians (live or on TV). These killings create hate and make it less likely that today's children will negotiate successfully when they become adults themselves.

One last point: Please remind the prime minister that the UK is a member of the EU, and not a member of the US. As a result of voting for the US led Iraq war, Stephen Twigg MP lost his seat last year and the Lib Dems (who stood a very anti-war candidate) and the Greens both saw their votes increase as a result of anti-war feeling. The current conflict will increase the anti-war feeling in the UK and decrease the chances of any pro-war MP to be re-elected.

Best Regards,

Tears 1

It has been a perfect Saturday, we had lunch at Harvester, and after that we went to Cliveden, had a long walk along the river, watched the beautiful gardens including the secret garden with all nice artistic statues, there was an Indian wedding in the house all Indian women were wearing beautiful colourful saris, after a break in the coffee we made our way back to our car through a magical forest which you used to see in cartoons!

As we were driving back to Southgate we turned the radio on and that was when I heard the news could n´t stop my self and broke to tears.
Again Israel air strike killed many innocent people including small children!
I do not know what to say , it is unbelievable, how could do they this, how could the whole world not give a damn about it, ok it has been some light protest from government, the protest from all antiwar organization but when these demos got bigger and bigger , when more people involve in it, I belive it will not continues
Instead of closing eyes instead of closing ears to heart breaking scenes make it open and protest , let the government hear us! forget the religions , the races and skin colours, we are all human being and we want to live in peace.
I can not understand the Israelis,whom their last generation suffered too much by genocide in Auschwitz and holocaust , how could they do such a massacre to Lebenanese and Palestinian people they should know how does it feel to live in terror and anxiety to bury your beloved one.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

For the women who are beaten on woman day and on their peaceful demo!

The Iranian governments insists that atom energy is our absolute right we should have it at all cost but when our brave women demonstrate for their certain right they are than beaten with cruelty,they gathered and demanded the change of the polygamy law in marriage and to have the equal right as same the men at divorce, and these are only the base of human right and absolutely their rights!Which are answered with cruelty and wildness!
Photo from Arash Ashoorinia

We will miss you!

The memories come to my mind, the small blue pool with gold fishes in your garden the ripe grapes which hang over in the your small garden , when I pass the long corridor there is aroma of saffron and rice everywhere , may be you have cooked my favorite meal,I felt so good at your home, there was that comfort security and love, there were always such big parties in your home,with that lively happy atmosphere, my cousins were playing and the others were chatting loud.
And now I can imagine how quite and empty looks every where and how sad is it that I am even so far that I can not attend in your ceremony!
I miss you so much grandma!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sign Petition Opposing Attack on Iran

*Sign the international petition opposing an attack on Iran, which will be delivered with signatures and comments to the White House !

*Saturday 6 May: Don't attack Iran - International day of action
The London demonstration will be in the Peace Garden in Tavistock Square, WC1


*An animation of possible Nuclear Bunker Buster

*And finally some funny links hier and hier!

Distribution of yellow cake in Tehran!!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bird Flu From Other Angle

Commit the fly to memory
For the bird is mortal
(from Forough Farokhzad

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An Impressive Action

There are other things also, moments of exaltation
(For example I saw a poetess
So absorbed watching the horizon
That the sky laid eggs in her eyes
And one night out of other nights
A man questioned me,
How long does it take to the rising of grapes?)
from Sohrab Sepehri

Hier is a photo of Hossein noori who has been injured and disabled at Iran-Iraq War, he paints a Portraits of "Maria" with holding the brush at his mouth in front of Danish Embassy in Tehran to Prove there are commons between Islam and other relegions.